Ms. Emily Kennedy is a startup founder, human trafficking subject matter expert, Forbes 30 Under 30, a Mother of Invention, keynote speaker, and activist. She has been developing technology solutions to human trafficking since 2011 at the Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Institute. Her company Marinus Analytics uses the latest advancements in AI to turn big data into actionable intelligence for sex trafficking investigations.  As President and Co-Founder of Marinus Analytics, she leads development and deployment of these tools to law enforcement across the globe for use on criminal cases, with an emphasis on sex trafficking investigations. She routinely works alongside, advises, and teaches stakeholders—such as attorneys general, prosecutors, law enforcement agents, and non-profit victim services organizations—on micro and macro approaches to combating and measuring human trafficking in the United States and abroad.

Her work has been covered at the United Nations, Fast Company, NBC News, CBS News, Vice, Mashable, Teen Vogue, and Scientific American. A full list of press engagements is available here. Her projects have generously received funding from the National Science Foundation, the Bank of New York Mellon, and DARPA.

She continues to be intrigued by AI solutions to social problems, and enjoys figuring out how these tools can be deployed to have maximum impact across the world.